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Hello, I have an Acer Aspire One D255 (windows 7 ultimate) I have a problem. Why is it that whenever I change my desktop backgound and after shutting it down, the background was not what I chose? And i downloaded files (for example AIMP3 and some music files) and ALSO after shutting it down, all downloaded files and copied files were missing? It ALWAYS GOES LIKE THAT. HELP ME PLEASE
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  1. Hi :)

    Virus ???

    All the best Brett :)
  2. If you are on a domain they could make it so you can't change the background. It will set it back to what they want.
  3. Sounds like you are logging in with a temp profile. I have seen this happen many many many times.

    I would log in and then go to the Users folder and see what is there.

    If you have a temp folder or a folder with your name followed by 001 or something like that then it is a temp profile.

    The fix is to boot off of a CD that will allow you to load the registry of that machine, go to the profile location in that loaded registry, delete the one it created and rename the one with a .BAK to the same name without the .BAK.

    I am being vague here because if you dont understand what I am saying, you probably shouldnt be trying to fix it yourself.
  4. Do a test make a folder on your desktop put anything in it, but something and reboot see if its there after wards. If it isn't your being denied by the admin.then try login as admin and change it from there then reboot it will stay then....LOL
  5. you have to be the administrator of this aspire one 255 notebook to made change in the files and programs
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