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On the main circuit board, there is a singular component shaped similar to a capacitor, but with a silver-colored metal shell... 2 prongs soldered to the board. This is the only component that looks like this, and it has "HOORAY 6.000" printed on the side. It has dried rusty looking corrosion coming out the bottom (similar to a battery leak). What is this component, and are replacements available? Is it worth trying to replace?

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  1. Long time since your post, but if you're still there ...

    That's the backup battery for the memory settings. You'd be hard pressed to find an exact replacement - I know - I've tried. I dug up the specs for the original, and this is the closest I came. Different package, but it should do the job with a bit of clever fudging.

    Reason I said "should", I did get one recently, but haven't gotten around to installing it yet. The memory on mine still works ... sort of ... although it's gone intermittent, and I don't see the corrosion issues you have. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I'm only using one EQ setting, so no biggie to re-enter the settings from a crib sheet for now. Be a winter project.
  2. That is not the memory battery. What you are looking at is a 6.00 MHz crystal oscillator. There is a 4.00 MHz crystal just under the spectrum analyzer display too. I know this because I purchased one of these EQ's on eBay and found the 4.00 crystal floating around inside the case when I received it. It was corroded just like you are describing the 6.00 MHz crystal in yours. It took me some time to figure out where it came from on the board. I had to pull the circuit board out of the front display to find it. Anyway, this was not hard to replace once I found it. In your situation you will need to remove the main board from the case so you can unsolder the old crystal leads, clean up the board, and solder a new one in. I found a replacement crystal at Just do a search for a 6.00 MHz crystal on DigiKey and you will find one that will work. I looked it up for you and this one will do the trick.

    Now as far as the memory battery goes. Mine still works but it won't hold the memory settings for very long (a couple days). I have not found one that will work yet, but I'm still on the hunt. I have 4 of these BSR EQ's and all of them need new batteries. Why do I have 4? I'm using them for a 5.1 surround sound system (needs 3 EQ's) and I'm looking at expanding it to a 7.1 (why I got the 4th one on eBay). They also look really cool in the audio rack. :sol:

    Hope this helps!
  3. I have the user manual for this unit. They clearly state that the memory clears after "a few days of inactivity." that advice would be for a new unit, too. Lovely.

    I have one of these units and loved it, until it stopped working recently. Both of the tape dubbing light are now on and I can't get the unit to respond in any way. No signal passes. Aaaarrrggghhh.
  4. Does anyone have a manual for this unit? I really need one and would gladly pay.
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