Installing 2 operating systems on separate hdd's and am now stuck in 1

Basically, I had an installation of windows 7 on my SSD however I decided that I would install another OS (XP) onto a different hard drive. Everything worked fine until I tried to boot back into my original installation of windows 7 on my SSD. I searched Google and the closest thing I could find to my problem was was this discussion where the same problem occurs just the other way around so that windows XP was the original OS.
Unfortunately I don't have the windows 7 install disk but I do have the XP one. Is there anyway I can boot back into my windows 7 OS even if it means deleting the other one.
All help will be greatly appreciated!
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  1. First, have you checked your boot order preference in the BIOS? Second, check your MB manual for the proper key to press during boot up to get to the boot screen where you can pick a drive. And last you can always remove the cables from the drive you don't want to boot from.
  2. Misunderstood your issue here. I thought we were talking about 2 different drives being used at separate times and not a dual boot, 2 drive situation.

    Regardless, more detail is needed to proceed. What is the error or what is the actual issue.
  3. Yes sorry for not making it clear... I was using both drives at the same time in an attempt to do a dual boot...however whichever drive i choose to boot from my computer will only boot into XP. windows 7 is on hdd A and Xp on hdd B. With both drives plugged in if i choose to boot form A in the bios it goes straight into xp and the same if i choose B. However if i unplug hdd B and try to boot from A I just get an error message and it freezes on the "loading operating system" screen. From various research I think what may have happened is that the installation of windows XP may have overwritten the windows 7 bootloader although i'm not sure if that's the case or not.
    I'm just wondering if theres anyway I can get back to into my windows 7 OS
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