5.1 only playing 2.1

Hey guys.. just recently purchased a new computer so im 100% sure my sound card can take 5.1 as it does have all the jacks.. im using microlab 5.1 surround sound so not logitech or any other company.. im 99.9999999% sure ive plugged everything in correctly in input / output and into the back of the PC.. open up realtek HD manager and ive fumbled around with changing it to stereo then 5.1 then 7.1 unclicking rear / bass etc.. ive press test in the manager and in the pc's own playback devices panel.. the test makes a sound out of the centre speaker and the RR but none out of the RL at least from that test i can gather that all the speakers pretty much work but still nothing i cant get it to play? updated my drivers and all etc.. :(
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  1. What model Microlab speakers? They have many 5.1 sets.
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