Pentium M?

I found an interesting processor selling <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>.

Is it a PentiumM ?
I checked the s spec(sl5cg), found that it's a micro fcpga processor, does it means it can work on a 865/875 mobo?
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  1. its a mobile p3 socket 478. runs on a mobile chipset.
  2. Found this on the bottom of the link you posted:

    "Intel 933/512 processor for laptop, in good working condition"

    As a mobile chip it tries to use less power-battery life, and do the same job with less Mhz.
  3. It's a PIII mobile. Unlike what the other guy said, it's not Socket 478, it's Micro PGA of an earlier version, a more compact version of the old Socket 370. There might be a company that makes a Socket 370

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