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Hi there

I just picked up a used Samsung Series 3 Laptop and had an issue with the keyboard not working properly. While reinstalling some drivers the computer re-started itself and then proceeded to freeze on the "starting windows" screen.
I tried to run the windows repair option, it boots into a green background which says'please wait'...well I waited and waited and nothing happened so I kept retrying it. Eventually I left this on for a half hour or so and it actually finally went into the windows repair option! I chose to re install windows from the partition and thought everything was fine, it went through the downloading and installing of those files and restarted guessed it, froze on the 'Starting windows" screen. I left it there for 40 mins plus, thinking maybe it just needed time, the only thing it did was reset itself after 30 or so minutes and froze again.
Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix this? I tried going into Bios and resetting the defaults, I don't even care about the stupid keyboard not working anymore, I just want to get the computer functioning again!
Any help is much appreciated!

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  1. What are the "some drivers" they reinstalling? can you get into safe mode?
  2. When I started the computer the previous owner had reset it back to the factory default state, so it said it needed updated drivers for the video card, network card etc...maybe five different drivers in total.
    I haven't been able to get it into safe mode. I've was able to do a memory diagnostic which came up fine by hitting f4 before the laptop boots and freezes. F4 also takes me to the option to do a system repair. I'm currently running a basic system repair rather than the full one but it is taking forever (a hour plus so far). It's moving but very slowly.
  3. Well, completed another full system repair and the laptop just froze again on the 'starting windows' screen after restarting. I thought maybe it was taking it's sweet time like with the repair screen but I left it on all night and it was still stuck at the same screen this morning. Before that I tried to go into safe mode but the screen just froze at a blank screen with 'safe mode' in each of the corners, with the screen going completely blank every ten or so minutes until you hit the mouse button.
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