Wait for p4/p5 system?

My current system is getting a bit long in the tooth, and i really want some mega-ass whomping performance in newer games, so i am planning to build myself a high-end p4 system in the near future.
This is my current system:
AMD Athlon XP 2400+
Kingston ValueRAM 1x512MB DDR333
Albatron GeForce 4 ti4200 128mb
Maxtor 80gb 7200rpm

i am willing to wait a good while however, for the right parts to become available, and i was wondering what i whould wait for? i want system thats goin to last me afew years with at least decent performance at the highest level of gaming graphics. should i wait for LGA775? tejas wiht 1066mhz bus? 1200mhz bus? ddr-800? how long should I hold out to build an ultimate system of this kind?
any and all comments would be helpful.

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  1. If you want an intel system that's best in games, you have a long wait. The Amd A64s will be best for gaming for the forseeable future.
    If you just want a great gaming system, wait to see who wins the current graphics war, and grab one of thier cards.
  2. well i agree with endyen, if your building purely for the very best in gaming, there is no other choice but the amd 64 line. if your going to wait, then i suppose you can wait for the 90nm ahtlon 64 chips on the s939 and get the ati x880xt or the nvidia 6800U, whichever is faster lol.
  3. Adding another 512 of ram and either a Nvidia 5900 or ATI 9800 Pro will do wonders for your game play.
  4. Thanks i guess an a64 wouldnt be so bad if i wait for s939,
    btu will i be able to scale up to ddr2-800 with s939 boards?

    -I'm Laughing At It Now-
  5. A mobo that's got 2 to 3 years of futureproof? I think not. The first 939 boards wont support DDR bad at all (DDR2=bad).
  6. dont be fooled, ddr2 will not help in gaming until next year, when ddr2 667 or ddr2 800 become mainstream and better pricing. By then amd will have support for ddr2, until then , there is no supoer boost form ddr2 and no need to upgrade now to it.
  7. With the introduction of the nForce3 250 chipset, Intel no longer has all the high end boards for the latest processors. This was not previously true, the nForce3 150 and K8T800 couldn't hold a candle to the older nForce2 400 series chipsets, or even the 865/875 series of Intel. So now that the best CHIPSET and fastest PROCESSOR are in the AMD market, there's absolutely 0 reasons to build a P4 system.

    Unless you REALLY want to wait a LONG time for PCI-Express to take over the market, you'll be VERY happy with an nForce3 250 chipset board and an Athlon 64.

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  8. We are in a gap were there is high-end stuff but none right now are worth it. You have a nice system but that AGP carg is wat is holding you back. Got get at least a 9500 pro and just wait till the Hammer comes out with the PCI express mobos. If you are a gammer then the AGP card should always be your primary focus. If you build a new system right now you will kick yourself in the ass in the near future when WAY better stuff comes out.

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  9. I recommend building an A64 3000+ system with MSI K8N Neo (nForce3 250) mobo

    If you want to spend ~$200 for graphics card, then I recommend Radeon 9800 Pro.

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