PC (win7) hangs on restart but NOT shut down or start.

I'm at my whit's end with this. My PC shuts down fine but hangs on restart. It does this is both safe and normal mode. It appears to hang right before the HD would get turned off. The SHUTTING DOWN screen proceeds fine and the HD stops it's activity, the screen goes black (the HD light stays) and it just hangs there. Pressing the RESET button on the PC starts it up fine. If I am restarting from some utility (for example when installing Windows) it can hang with the RESTARTING WINDOWS screen.

The thing is the PC was ok. I am not sure when this started happening but I presumed a fresh install of Win 7 would fix it but it did not. So I am now presuming that it's something in the BIOS. I have played around with settings including the SATA RAD II CONFIG (tried both IDE and AHCI and reinstalled windows with AHCI on). I'm out of my depth with these bios settings though as I don't really understand them.

My motherboard is: GA-73PVM-S2H (up to date bios). CPU is a Q8300 2.5 quad core.

Any ideas what I can try next?
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  1. follow this
    download ccleaner from thislink
    install it only
    donot run it
    then download ccleaner enhancer from this link
    run it
    and press download latest
    then run ccleaner now
    cleaning tab
    check all selection in windows and application tab
    except the selection of wipe free space in windows tab
    press cean now button in the right side
    after that go to registery tab and press search for
    then press fix all selected

    download antimalwarebyte from this link
    install it and run it then update it if it asked
    then perform full scan to whole computer partitions from safe mode
  2. Thanks for the reply but this did not solve the problem. I still get the hanging on restart. To confirm, by restart I mean selecting RESTART from within windows - Actual clicking the PC's reset button does work. Also shutting down in the normal way does work. It's just the restarting that hangs at the end of the close down procedure.
  3. okin ccleaner
    go to
    then click save to file
    then copy the file content
    then paste it here
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