xbox 2 system specs rumors

well here we go, here are some updated specs and dates for the xbox 2 (code name Xenon)

i have to say if this is real, im blown away. I know the rumor about it using power pc chips has been going around. But just look at what it has, 3 dual core 64bit chips running at 3.5ghz each!! i really did not expect that lol. they are certianly pulling out all the stops to stay ahead of sony in the R&D department.

One good note, look at the listing for hard drive. Now it does say not decided, but the fact that it is there and listed in capacities (20-80gbs) shows that it will most likely be there. Thats a huge relief if its true. I have to say, Im very excited to see what it can do.
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  2. Hmm that is if it ever goes into production. The xbox project was been a drain on Microsoft ever since and lately the shareholders have been pissed about this and also wanting more dividens. X-box game are already going to be compatible for PCs soon so I think we have seen the end of the xbox. Pitty, it was better then PS2 and could reprog it...

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  3. um wow, i dont think this is the end of the xbox.

    remember that even at the losses its taken, its pales in comparision with the Billions they make in windows and office products. Bill Gates could care less what the share holders say, if he wants to push the xbox he will. And its obvious he wants microsoft right in the living room. if xbox was cancelled, id be very very suprised.

    I belive it certainlly will come and we will see a real challenge, wiht all 3 companies releasing at once.
  4. 3 3.5Ghz Processors - Thats just overkill

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  5. Seriously overkill for running at 800x600 for 95% of people who buy one.. :eek: how much of a loss are they going to have to sell them at? I don't see 3 of those chips coming in cheap enough to realistically sell this thing for around $500 and make a profit. If it costs any more lots of people will just buy PCs.

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  6. sounds impressive, but really, it doesnt tell us much. 3.5 GHz could be expected for the 2005/2006 timeframe Xbox2 will launch. Remember, even today we have Celerons running pretty close to those clockspeeds on 130 nm, and these xbox chips will likely be fabbed on 65nm.

    I also wonder where you got the "3 dual core chips".. looking at the diagram, it looks like a single, triple core cpu to me.

    64 Kb L1 (per core) and a shared 1 MB L2 are not all that impressive, its comparable to a last century's Tbird (at least in size).

    The GPU even looks pretty pathetic IMHO, compared with what is even available today on the PC, but then I don't know too much about that stuff. Can someone put these numbers in perspective:
    1 vertex / clock
    1 triangle / clock
    2 2x2 pixel quads + Zstencil

    At a mediocre 500 MHz clock (remember, 2005/2006 timeframe), how does that compare to a current 9800 or 6800 ?

    All in all, its impossible to draw any real conclusions from such a simple diagram, but I'm not at all convinced this is going to beat a PS3.

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  7. The text occompanying the article claims 3xDual cores.

    I thought the diagram seems to suggest a single triple core design too. Sharing 1Mb L2 between 3 dual core CPUs also would seem a bit odd to me :eek:

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    XP1700+ @205x11 (~2.26Ghz), 1.575Vcore
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  8. Chip, just so you know the current Xbox is not sold to make a profit from, neither was the PS2 console. The consoles are sold as loss leaders, and they get their money back through game sales. When the Xbox was launched it actually cost about $450 to build each one, so each one was <b>costing</b> Microsoft about $150 to make. The Sony PS2 was also sold as a loss leader.

    If you think the Xbox is a failed system, you really don't know what your talking about. Microsoft never expected to win this round of console wars, the Xbox was just their step in the front door. The Xbox 2 should be where things really start to change, and Microsoft has announced a new software development called XNA, which basically gives game developing companies the tools to make games, focusing more on the actual game aspect, and less on the technical side.

    XNA is specifically for Xbox 2, Xenon, whatever you want to call it (no official name has been announced yet), Microsoft is hoping this will allow game developers to take full advantage of the Xbox 2 hardware from day 1, as opposed to using a small percentage of the systems hardware due to most console systems big learning curve to develop games on.

    I know I probably just sound like some Xbox nerd, especially with this lame username I have, but Microsoft has been getting excellent developer friendships through the Xbox, the most obvious one would be Ubisoft, that has made some extremely brilliant looking games such as Splinter Cell 1 and 2, Rainbow Six 3, and soon Rainbow Six 3:black arrow.

    Microsoft is also having great success with their online network Xbox Live, despite the network being strictly broadband only. It allows you to talk live with people your playing against, or you can join a voice chat room with some buddies, you also have the same username for all games, and the network has just been upgraded to allow future games to incorporate online clans, tournaments, personal online storage, and you can soon even be able to communicate with MSN messenger users right through your Xbox....all pretty interesting stuff, and best of all it's all pretty brain dead easy to use.

    I've always been about gaming quality, I loved the PS1 when it was popular, but when I got the PS2 most games were boring to me. An interesting thing to know is that the PS2 is not the original PS2 hardware it was supposed to be, Sony had some crazy plan to make a PS 1.5 that would be released between the PS1 and the PS2, this idea was scrapped, but they kept most of the PS 1.5 hardware because their only real competition was the failing Sega company, and Nintendo which seems to be on a similar fate as Sega.

    I bought an Xbox because the games have always been better in my opinion, and I can't stand the PS2 controller, it's horrible for first person shooter games! I just hope Microsoft doesn't screw up with the Xbox 2, rumors are flying that they are going to scrap the hard drive, which is my favorite thing about the system.

    Who knows, still got a while before it's released, but this 3 core thing sounds pretty cool, as well as the partnership with ATI for their graphics cards. I won't even care if it doesn't read Xbox 1 games, as long as the Xbox 2 games are worth the price of entry is all that matters to me.

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  9. Wow that was one big no-bs post :D

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  10. Quote:
    Seriously overkill for running at 800x600 for 95% of people who buy one..

    Right. Buy I doubt M$ is counting on people playing it on Low Def TVs, HDTV would prolly be getting popular, when this Xenon things comes out.

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  11. Wanna bet?

    It takes a long time for things like that to start rolling.

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  12. The GPU is suppose to be a modified R5XX so it shouldnt sux. Also I rember when they first announced the PS2 it was supposer to have the power of a 550mhz PIII I rember all my friends going whaaaaaaa because we had much slower CPU. But look the PS2 is still around and your cpu is clocked at 3ghz+...
    Now 2006 timeframe might bring us to Nehalem or something like that with 5ghz+ cpu so I dont know if its overkill really plus it will be there for a few years...
    Its so far ahead all we gotta do is wait and see =)

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