Need advice on RAM -- please help.

Kingston RAM or Corsair?

I am going to get a 1 gig of RAM -- my current 512MB's of PC2700 SPECTEK RAM just doesn't seem to cut it anymore. I want to get something faster and in double the quantity. I am unsure, however, whether or not to get Kingston or Corsair. Both seem good, but I was leaning more towards the Corsair. So, do you think Corsair is the way to go, or Kingston?
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  1. I have another question. I was doing some more research on RAM and all, and was looking at some of the dual channel RAM. My question is, how exactly would the dual-channel memory be enabled if I my MoBo is capable of dual-channel? Would I have to go into the BIOS, is it automatic, or what's the deal on getting Dual-channel enabled?
  2. What mother board do you have, and when you upgrade your board next, what platform will you be considering?

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  3. Currently I have a P4 2.8C, with the RAM I just mentioned in my first post in this thread, a Maxtor 40 Gig ATA100 (I plan on upgrading this to a SATA in the next few days along with the RAM), an AOpen AX4SG-UN MoBo, Radeon 9800 Pro, and a SoundBlaster Audigy 2. Peripheral wise I have a Logitech Z-5300 5.1 Sound System, a SAMSUNG SyncMaster 151V LCD in the colour black, a Logitech Elite Keyboard Black, and a Logitech MX500 optical corded mouse.

    Although, in all honesty, I plan on purchasing an AMD for my next processor. I was thinking I'd like to spoil myself and try an Alienware Aurora - although I do know they are fairly overpriced, I still want to try one out for the sake of trying one out. However, I do not plan on upgrading until the new M$ OS comes out, so I really have a legit need/reason to upgrade and take full advantage of 64-bit processing. Plus, by then, the graphics cards should be a lot better since most of the PCIE bugs will most likely be worked out.

    Right now though, my biggest fear is not being able to play Doom 3. I need to play that game like a crack addict needs his daily fix. As long as I can play that, I won't feel the need to upgrade before Longhorn. Why do you ask which processor I plan on upgrading to, though?
  4. He needs to know so he can reccommend the proper memory for you. Wouldnt this thread fit better in the MEMORY forum?

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  5. Longhorn won' be around 'til 2006 at the earliest - don't even begin worrying about it yet... though most people who visit these forums are pretty likely to want an upgrade well, well before then. Here's a <A HREF="" target="_new">link</A> about it, from another a forum outside the CPU forum.

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  6. Dual channel will be enabled if you use the right slots.
    Try to get memory for the max fsb you will use. Either brand is good, just dont waste money on LL.
  7. Why would you recommend staying away from LL?
  8. 2-2-2-5 timings are hard to run on the new chipsets, and dont add much to perf. They do add a lot to the price.
  9. you should be ok to play doom3 with that 9800 wait around until you buy a whole new system bc of things like pci-express and SATA-300 instead of 150 those kinda things are expected to be out late04
  10. Nothing can really take advantage of PCI express yet, unless you want a large RAID array or summik. SATA300 is another marketting gimmik, it wont make any difference in performance unless there is a revolution in the hard drive market.

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  11. I have used both Kingston and Corsair in the past, and have not had a problem with either.

    I would suggest getting (at least) PC3200 RAM though, as this will run synchronous with your FSB (200MHz).

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