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I am operating win 7 64 bit my microsoft cinema lifecam keeps giving me initialiazation failure on a black screen. I unistalled. reinstalled, downloaded the latest software, tried different USB ports, removed other video programs etc. My HP support assistant trouble shoot for this webcam displays my video during the test mode. The audio is ok and lwas works correctly. I have downloaded and upgrded everthing possible for windows 7. Where do I go from here, other than reinstalling win 7. Virus checker McAffee is up to date etc. The computer recognizes the Lifecam when plugge in and the Audio works without software installation. I know the camera is working because my video shows up with HP Assistant trouble shoot program and Indicates that all tests have passed and even test my graphics card and it passed the test.
I have spent hours and hours trying to solve the Initialization error. I have tried different web cams and gave my friend my old Logitech webcam that just quit working. It is working just fine with his XP operating system. My son who works for HP cannot even figure out the problem. What next????
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  1. That web cam installs itself!
  2. Hi,
    I am going to be crazy. I also have problems with my webcams VX-2000.
    I am trying to connect 2 webcams VX-2000 simultaneously to a PC for video surveillance.
    Sometimes, and I don't know why, the preview in Microsoft Lifecam software is blank (black).
    The only way to resolve this problem is to disconnect and reconnect the Webcam that is malfunctioning and then the preview displays the real image.
    And after many time (I don't know how many: it seems to be a random problem) the problem is coming back and I am far away from the PC: I am connecting to it with Logmein, and with Logmein it is impossible to disconnect and reconnect the Webcam.

    I have already tried all what I found on the net about this problem:
    Nothing works for me.

    I have tried on many configurations and the results are:
    - (Acer Aspire X3910) Pentium Dual Core E5800@3,20GHz + 4Go RAM + Win7 64 bits + 2 Lifecam VX 2000 simultaneously – The Problem is present
    - (Acer Aspire X1920) Pentium Dual Core E6700@3,20GHz + 4Go RAM + Win7 64 bits + 2 Lifecam VX 2000 simultaneously – The Problem is present
    - Pentium Dual Core E5500@2,80GHz + 2Go RAM + Win7 64 bits + 2 Lifecam VX 2000 simultaneously – The Problem seems to be not present

    I have many theories about this problem, tell me what seems possible to you or what do you think about my problem:
    1- The combinaison Win7 64 Bits + 4Go RAM + 2 Lifecam VX 2000 simultaneously is malfunctioning
    2- Acer PCs have some running programs that are the reason of this problem
    3- The USB Hub is not powered enough for 2 lifecams VX 2000 simultaneously
    4- The USB Hub has not enough bandwith for 2 lifecams VX 2000 simultaneously

    Please help me...
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