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I am in desperate need for help i am trying to do my classes on line i just got a new lap top computer from my school that i need to use for my classes. I have the net gear on my boyfriends computer wireless. when i go on mine it is asking for a Security key. I dont know where i can find my security key. i down loaded the router into my new computer didnt bring up a security key. i was told i could talk to someone on here for free from netgear customer service
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  1. Hi Sarah,

    We aren't netgear customer service. Just a collection of IT related people.
    However, What your looking for is normally located on the bottom of the netgear "router". Or ask your boyfriend it will be his "internet password" that you are looking for. If either of those don't help then you would indeed need to call netgear for assistance as we aren't allowed to assist in bypassing security measures.
  2. Check your router - some of them have a label on the bottom with the key.
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