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Hello everyone, Im having a bit of trouble with my print queue getting plugged up with jobs that I cannot delete, they are just stuck at error. I usually get rid of them by stopping the spooler, deleting the jobs from C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS and then restarting the spooler but thats a bit of a pain considering I have to do this every single day. It seems like every other print job errors and plugs up the queue. It doesnt matter which PC im printing from (I have 3, all running windows 7). My printer is connected to my wireless home network via the built in wireless adapter and it gets good signal, my house isnt that big i can get 4 bars anywhere in my house. 2 of my computers are connected wirelessly and the 3rd is wired. Im not home so I cant remember the exact model printer I have but it shows up as HP Officejet j6400 series in Devices and Printers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    What are you printing?
    We have had this issue at work specifically with PDF's. Only happens with our lower end personal printers. The work around we found was to print all the pdf's as images it stopped throwing the errors. It had something to do with the instructions the pdfs could print with that the printer wasn't "smart" enough to understand and causing it to hang.
  2. I think that might be it. I was just printing a PDF when it happened and I posted here. My parents print a lot of PDF's as well. How would I print a PDF as an image? I've never had to so I'm unfamiliar with how that works.
  3. It's easy. (although different for different models)
    When you go to print, look for an advanced option. It's usually just a check box that will say "print as image" If you give me the make/model i can most likely find you more detailed instructions.
  4. I found the option and gave it a test and it seems to be working. Thanks!
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  6. Not a problem happy to help. It will cut-down on your failures by up to 90% But from time to time.. (because of the low end printers) pdfs will still cause it to choke. Just wanted to let you know.
  7. Press your Windows key and R together then into the Open box, type services.msc and hit Enter. Scroll through the list to Print Spooler Service and double click it. Click on the Stop button then on Apply and OK and restart the machine. Closing that Service should have purged the print queue and the Service will automatically start as normal after the restart.
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