lift channel for Bally - normal size is?

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I need a lift channel for a NOS Medusa BG I want to install - I tried
to use one from an old EB glass I have, but that earlier glass is much

Marco has this on their site, but I don't have the Medusa glass at work
to check this against.{3701CB49-5414-40EEVERESTF-A154-B1F7B35AD23C}&ic=LT316&eq=&Tp=

Is 3/16" correct for this era BG? I did a google search without much

Thanks, Q
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    I use the ones from Mayfair ($15). It is not an exact fit and will need
    to bend channel and fill with some kind of silicone caulking. You will
    probably need to sand the channel it goes into as well. Unfortunately
    these are the issues with a NOS BG. I had a friend of mine do my
    Embryon. He has done several to date. Good Luck!
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    Almost forgot. The edges on these are like razors. They need to be
    dulled or you will cut yourself.
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    That's funny - that's exactly what happened when I tested the channel I
    borrowing from the EB - it wouldn't even fit in the groove of the head!

    Anyone know if there's a smaller width size out there below 3/16"? It
    looks more like 1/8" to me...

    Thanks, Q
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    Please post if you find a source. If not.....happy sanding.
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