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ok I've given up on finding an unloccked p4, so im planning to build a 3.2c Ghz system and attempt to oc it to 4ghz. With a thermalright Sp-94 and maximum vcore, am i going to be able to get this kind of overclock ? ANy suggestions for a good p4 cooler for overclocking? (prefferably HSF) I am willing to get the most powrful fans available for the heatsink and my case (waiting for the cooler master STC-T01. Sweet) and possibly even buy multiple cpus to find one wiht the right threshholds (I have about $3500 for this rig and the 3.2c's are cheap)
any suggestions would be helpful for this first-time builder, long time dreamer.

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  1. You will not get one to 4GHz on air.

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  2. you dont think so? Gruntville was apparently able to get a 2.4c stable at 265mhz fsb with the sp-94, and im only looking to push it to 250mhz fsb (yes its an 800mhz overclock over teh 780mhz gruntvile oc'd the 2.4c, but wiht a 3.2c, it should be ok, right?) any suggestions for any other aftermarket cooling solutions?? (and try not to be so damn pessimistic)

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  3. Wait for the DO stepping on the prescotts. (end of june). The 90 nano P4e 3.4 should get to 4 easy. There just aint much hope for a 130 nano P4c ever getting there on air. Well maybe in antartica.
  4. The 3.2 will not give you the same scale of overclock as say a 2.8 or a 2.4. You'll NEVER get to 4ghz with anything less than water-cooling or even refrigerant. At this point, why even try? An A64-3400 will still beat you in games!

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  5. yeah i considered gettgina prescott but i heard that even with the .09 micron process they had almost no overclocking headroom. the DO prescotts will run cooler or something? any specific suggestions on brands or water blocks for water cooling? maybe if i had more money i could get a vapochill...

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  6. you may want to llok at a jet 4 for cooling if you want to go air, we hooked one up to a psu and turned it on. it moved itself across a counter.
  7. SCREW IT! im buying a Mach II GT and overclocking the bejeesus out of my 3.2C. (who knows maybe i can get it to 4.5GHz!!!)

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  8. You're joking right? Just get water cooling.

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