New Cooling system?

Any 1 ever heard of the "Phaseware Cooler System"?

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  1. OMG OMG, i have one of those, i got it from the picnaese chapel in japan (Major shoping mart), i thought i was the only with one of these wonderfull peices of machine, i wud recomend getting 1, i got my cp temp to -40 m within a couple of hours, it cost me about 10 billion Yen, thats about's £700, have u herd of the zayger matic poolp drive ned?
  2. Hi JFK. I can't beleive you have one! Damn you, you got t £100 cheaper! Did you have any problems attaching the primary intake valves on the cooling pump. Those stupid magnetic clamps were getting affected by the magnectic flow on the partical flow. Still, -40 deg C is amazing. Did you have any problems with installing the system?

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  3. Hi NED, I know its a right TWAT to install, the bastard. [-peep-] broke my wanking computer, i ended up with the basatrd put, right up my rear end, the [-peep-] twat head, anyway, what temp have u got in down to, and plese reply to my question ta m8
  4. Hi again JFK, i kow you're a stranger, but these forums are clean forums. Please don't swear as often, we are here to try and help people, not to swear at them!!!

    I have had no experiance with that other product you mentioned. Is it from the same product range? I would sure like to know. Im glad we both have knoledge of this product, because its so hard to understand - the manual being in japanease and all! lol. Have you read the title of the manual "Shlanga Budda" - I wonderwhat that means? Please reply soon. PS maybe we can excahnge email?

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  5. Hey NED, Firstly I am extremly sorry with the usege of curse words within my previous post, and i apoligise to any1 who av been offended by my actions.

    the Manual is a joke lol, i ddint even attempt to read mine, but with my Excellent computer/hardware knowlede i was able to install the system without and problems what so ever!, well apart from the main temp pipe infulincing with the lactic FLayst, this caused the Hayyst gen0ptic to be very Congelient, but with a little bit of sunge the flayst was fully functional again.

    P.S i have sent u my personal email address throguh the boards extensive private message function
  6. Thanks for your reply!

    Your use of technical language is very good. I assume “Flayst” “Hayyst” etc are all Japanese words. I have no problems with any of them. I just filled up the system, and it lubed up surprisingly quickly. It took about an hour. How long did it take for yours to lube up? I can’t believe this sysem hasn’t gone main stream yet! Only problem is when you need to finger it to loosen up the residue build up! Now that’s annoying! And never ever put the exhaust pipe near wall paper, mine began to singe!!!! OMG OMG OMG –I [-peep-] my self!

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  7. you got a link about this thing? I've never heard of it...

    Is it some sort of phasechange system, like vapochill/Prometia?

    How much noise does it make too?

    Just curious.

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  8. lol.... the only thing that lets this post down is the use of technical jargon, had ye made it sound more star trekky it would have been funnier

    "Its only when you look at ants closely with a magnifying glass on a sunny day that you realise how often they burst into flames"
  9. hey JFK, I'm having some problems with the cooler. Maybe could can help me? The onscreen display is coming up with the following error:
    "I cannea do it Captain, I don't have the power (Error #0032/33)"

    My power supply is a 400 watt generic, but the manual says it only needs a 250 watt one!

    Additionally I've noticed that the Dilithium Matrix is running hot and I'm runnig low on plasma! Any idea where I can get some more?

    Thanks, Ned

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  10. Hello Ned, I hope This will help you in our Problem,
    Felis Cattus, is your taxonomic nomenclature,
    an endothermic quadruped carnivorous by nature?
    Your visual, olfactory and auditory senses
    contribute to your Flayst skills, and natural Tubbygirlness.

    I have herd of the Matrix, this is a very powefull Form of atoms, pulled together by the might Of FLayst,

    If you ave any more problems try using a Galactic Googlebery Accelerator, this should sort out your problem

    ---========[{EmErAld 4Ng3l}]======--------

    p.s dont ever give up ned, always remember Strength does not come from physical capacity.
    It comes from an indomitable will
  11. What the hell are you talking about?
    Your post makes no sense.
    Anyway I've fixed it now.

    I don't mean to be rude, but do you wanna meet, you seem like a REALLY nice person. Do you wanna Sh*t in my face?

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  12. Why did my sense make no post , explain what please u did not understand, Yes i with meet with you, we can play game ;), are you male/female (dosent really care :D),feel free pop round to house mine 17 stanley royd, lupo, boglinton, bridlinton br1 lfc, thankyou you, maybe you can pee in my anal region :)))))))))))))))),

    whats ur address?

    MMMMMMM penuts
  13. I wanna rub ur legs, and get you wet. What are you wearing?

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  14. bump

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    Watch out for the <b><font color=red>bloody</font color=red></b> Fanboys!

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  16. I have seen patients with the same symptoms that u 2 are exibiting. Some sort of flashback! Rehab doesnt help though! :cool: " I dont know if I am winding my ARSE or scratching my clock"!
  17. I will never be the same after clicking on that link! Thanks for the memory's NED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  18. Talking to yourself again Ned? Dont worry, one day you will make a friend.
  19. Unless Ned's imaginary friend manage to steal any potential friends from him...

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  20. LOL @ all of the above replies.

    JFK was a friend, a REAL friend, from college.

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  21. Sure he was Ned, sure he was.
  22. This site never ceases to amaze me.

    Da Worfster

    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.
  23. Ned Flanders never ceases to amaze me! :cool:
  24. amaze isnt the word I would use.
  25. Hey Ned, this belongs elseware, wrong forum. Dont give others grief for it, if you are going to do it.
  26. You make a good point. I stand corrected!
  27. U're sick and twisted Ned..... I hope u don't kiss ure mother with those lips.... in fact please don't answer that!!
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