AMD FX vs. AMD 64 comparison.

Where can I read a tech comparison between the new AMD 64 FX family of CPU's and the AMD NON-FX 64 family? I want to buy one of these CPU's but want to get the best value for my money spent.
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  1. athlon fx chips are made for overclocking and the 64 bit seires is not. The fx xhips have an unlocked multiplier. that is the difference
  2. you can find chart vs chart comparisons on amd's website
  3. As it is today:

    Athlon FX: 1 MB cache, dual channel (144 bit) memory controller, socket 940 chip, requires registered RAM like servers/workstations ((slightly more expensive, slightly slower, better stability). Basically, Athlon FX is nothing else than the fastest Opteron 1xx.

    Athlon 64: 1 MB cache, single channel memory controller, socket 754 chip, does not require registered RAM.

    The FX is only available in a single speedgrade which equals or bests the fastest A64 (and opteron). Its aimed at people with money to burn (like those considering P4 Extreme Editions), as it is barely faster than the (fastest) A64's, yet quite a bit more expensive, requires more expensive motherboards and more expensive RAM. The upsides are you get the best performance available today, a slightly better upgrade path (you'll be able to stick even a dual core Opteron in your motherboard next year), and an unlocked multiplier (easier/better oveclocking). If you want value for your money however, I would avoid it.

    In a month or two, both A64 and AFX will move to socket 939, both will sport dual channel memory controller, neither will require registered ram, but the FX will still have 1 MB cache, while the A64 will see its cache cut in half (to 512 Kb). As a result, AFX will get slightly faster than today (no more registered ram), A64 will gain on some apps (dual channel), lose on some (smaller cache), but overall probably perform slightly better than todays A64's.

    In short: get a A64. You could wait for S939 if you're really not in a hurry, but a slightly better upgrade path is hardly a reason IMHO to wait two months. By the time you'll want to upgrade beyond a 3700+ (fastest cpu on S754) you'll want a new motherboard anyhow.

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  4. there is tons of reviews/comparison of Athlon 64 CPU's out there. Every Athlon 64 and FX reviews have comparison between FX and "normal 64" Athlon.

    My recommendation : don't buy FX unless you have money to burn.

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  5. if you dont have $700 to burn for a Athlon 64 FX-51 Or $900 to burn for a Athlon 64 FX-53 then go for a Athlon 64 3400+! Toms hardware said the the A64 3400+ is a very good runner up to the FX-51
  6. But then again the A64 could be also a waste of money when the new processors come out. The best thing is to wait...
  7. >But then again the A64 could be also a waste of money when
    >the new processors come out. The best thing is to wait..

    Agreed. Better never buy a computer until they stop improving. Typewriters will do just fine in the meanwhile, and you can game on gameboy as well. And if you where stupid enough to buy a computer a few years ago, it should last forever.

    Maybe in 20 years or so innovation will stop, then it might be a good time to buy a computer, anything else would be a waste of money. And ff not, maybe we should vote a law against innovation or something, so we can finally buy something without wasting money. Man, I wished they had done that for cars a long time ago, so I could finally buy a T-Ford instead of doing everything by foot like now. I would like a car, but everytime I think: in 3 years there will be a new model, mine will become old, obsolete, useless, and worthless.. such a waste. Newer ones will look better, perform better, be safer, better milage,.. they should forbid that, I want a T Ford, everyone should make T Fords.

    = The views stated herein are my personal views, and not necessarily the views of my wife. =
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