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Hey Guys so I just recently made my external hard drive into a bootable windows 7 disk. Im trying to get it back to use as a normal external HDD but I cant find how, hoping you guys could help
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  1. You can't just right-click and format the drive in Windows explorer?
  2. It doesn't detect it on my computer but when I use CMD and do LIST DISK it shows up
  3. Can you see it in the disk management console?
  4. No I cannot
  5. Have you tried DISKPART from the command line? In there select the disk and issue the "format quick" command.
  6. Ok i found it in Disk management console and i formatted it, where should I go from there?
  7. It should now show up in explorer.
  8. Nope, when I go to My computer it is still not there
  9. What does it say in the disk management console? After formatting it should have been assigned a drive letter.
  10. Uhh it just says what I named it then primary partition, theres no drive letter
  11. Can you right-click and manually assign a drive letter?
  12. Yes, which one should I assign it to?
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    It doesn't particularly matter; for simplicity you might just as well go with the lowest above C
  14. Ahh I fixed it Thank you!!!
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