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I want to upgrade my CPU from a Thoroughbred 2000+ CPU to a Barton 2600+ CPU. The problem is, I have 266Mhz DDR-Ram but the Barton 2600+ CPU runs with 333Mhz FSB.
Can I still upgrade to the 2600+ and run it with 333Mhz FSB and run the RAM with 266Mhz at the same time?! (Its an ASUS A7V333 Via KT333 Mobo)

Thanks in advance & sorry for my bad english....
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  1. Your English is far superior to that of many regulars here, no point in apologising for it.

    Anyway, afaik, you can't. You can run memory faster, but not slower than FSB on the KT333 (at least not on the one I used to have, and it was also an A7V333 if memory serves).

    If you really want to hang on to your MB and RAM, you could consider an Athlon MP, they run at 266 FSB, and at higher clockspeeds than XPs with the same PR rating. The MP 2600+ is still relatively pricy though ($127 pricewatch), but runs at 2.13 GHz stock, is multiplier unlocked AFAIK, and should probably overclock fairly well. Depending how much RAM you have, this could be cheaper&faster than a XP 2600+ with new ram, but keep in mind you won't be able to use that memory for your next upgrade, whereas is you bite the buller, and get new RAM, it may serve you next time as well.

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  3. Thanks alot guys!
  4. Or try the mobile xp. (xp-m)
  5. You could try upgrading to the XP2400+ instead, which operates on a "266MHz" bus.

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  6. you will need 333Mhz ram if you wabt to run a barton 2600+

    But AMD makes\Made a 266Mhz Version of the Athlon XP 2600+ (Thoroughbred Core) I have seen them for as low as $60 on eBay
  7. Have you try overcloking your 2000+? You can easily O/C it to at least 2400+. Go into your BIOS and change the multiplier, if your CPU is old enough, it's unlocked, it's so easy to do!

    Personnaly, I think it's worthless upgrading from 2000+ to 2600+. You sould overclock a bit and save money for a new MB/RAM/CPU in a near future.

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