Sorry to have to do this a third time.

This post is regarding the other two posts I made in this forum over the past few days. This third post is technically not about CPU's, but rather an apology for the other two posts I made in this CPU forum -- which should've been posted in their own respective forums.

I knew better, but was just being ignorant.
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  1. ah, naughty boy, i forgive you (what was it for;?)

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  2. Are you sure this is in the right forum? This should be in the apology forum! :p

    "This means that you can play over a network, just not with each other."-PC GAMER review
  3. I cryed and went to bed early when I saw your posts. Maybe now, I can return to thinking straight, with this heart warming apology

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