Advice on software to create Recovery CD (WIN98)?

Hi - I was looking to create a recovery CD for my PC. A friend has an e-machines PC that, when booted with the CD, gives him options to format the hard drive and install an image as it was when new. I'm tired of loading all my drivers etc. after I reinstall Windows! I'm looking for a program that will create a CD that I can boot from and have options to format my hard drive and restore from a CD. Will this softare also require my hard drive to be partitioned? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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  1. Perhaps you'd like to read through this Imaging FAQ our own Toey made... :smile:

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  2. Check out Norton Ghost

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  3. My preference for imaging a hard drive -- <A HREF="" target="_new">Drive Image 2002</A>. To burn the image to CD-R disks -- <A HREF="" target="_new">Nero Burning ROM</A>. To partition a disk ... either a regular Windows 98 <A HREF="" target="_new">boot disk</A> ... or for partitioning extra Logical Drives on the Primary disk, and/or a second, slaved hard drive from within the GUI, <A HREF="" target="_new">Partition Magic</A>.

    When restoring the contents of a partition with Drive Image, the selected partition is automatically formatted.

    All hard drives must be partitioned, or they cannot contain a file system, and hold data ... even if there is only one partition on the disk. Many users are under the impression that a hard drive is not partitioned unless the disk contains more than one partition ... and that is not the case.

    Once you get used to creating images with Drive Image, it is a simple, painless procedure. For example, I decided to create a new image of my system partition last night -- verified the image in about 8 minutes, and then burned the resulting two .pqi files as ISO data disks to CD-R's in another 8 minutes. All while watching the premiere of Birds Of Prey, so I wasn't really paying that much attention to the process. It's not difficult.

    I also used Drive Image to re-verify the image from within the GUI once they were burned to the CD-R disks, which also took about 4 minutes per disk with my current hardware.

    The software is easy to use, virtually fool-proof, and fast. Most people find that a combination of Drive Image 2002 and Nero yields excellent results.


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  4. Thanks for your help!
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