Win7 english version install with french version cd key?

Hello to all,

1st post on these forums. Big fan of Tom's Hardware, it's part of my daily evening routine... Here's my problem. I bought 2 Windows 7 boxes, 1 English language version for myself and 1 french version for my son's computer (he's in a micro-computing program at a french high school). I'm about to install the french windows 7 version on my son's computer, but I now prefer installing the English version of windows 7 instead. For your info, both Win 7 boxes were purchased back in June 2009 when they were on pre-order sale at 50% off. Thus, my question is the following: is it possible to install the English version of Windows 7 and use the french version product key? Also, out of curiosity, are product keys strictly dependent on the language or solely on the version type (home premium, pro or ultimate)? Hopefully I won't have to beg the store to trade the unopened french box for an English version? (I hate the thought of having to fight and beg with the staff at Canada's Futureshop)... Anyways, any info on the possibility of doing this would help. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Since the box is unopened, they should let you trade it for an English version without any trouble.
  2. The_Prophecy said:
    Since the box is unopened, they should let you trade it for an English version without any trouble.

    Guess what? I strolled over to Futureshop and explained yhe situation. They refused to take back the "unopened" french version Win 7 because it was more than 30 days since the purchase. Talked to the manager but he wouldn't budge at all. I guess I'm stuck on having to install the french version after all... First I'll give Microsoft a call to see what if I can use the french CD key on the english version.
  3. I'm not sure the keys are language spefic, I had inquired about putting Chinese Win 7 on my wifes computer,and they said to go ahead, but I was installing Ultimate and you can select the display language with each user, but good luck with MSFT
  4. Success!!! I took the plunge and used the french CD key on an installed english version and it worked. So Windows CD keys are not language dependent afterall. Hope this info helps others who are in a similar situation.
  5. Glad to hear it. Thanks for posting back to let us know what happened!
  6. Thank you for your test. I have just ordered a French version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium. However, I barely know French. I have a copy of the English version of Microsoft Vista Home Premium installation disc. I was wondering myself if it would work if something were to happen to the current installation. Now, I know I have an authentic product key that also works with the English version (hopefully). Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! [For your information, the French version is the cheapest priced version I could find so that is why I bought that one instead of the English version.]
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