AMD AthlonXP 3200+ & A7N8X-E Deluxe won't boot

I just got a 3200+ to replace my aging 1900+, but I can't get the cursed thing to boot. I checked to make sure I have the latest BIOS revision (I do) and to make sure the motherboard FSB jumper is set correctly (it is) but it still doesn't work.

When I power on with the 3200+ in the PC switches off after a few seconds. On a couple tries I got to the initial BIOS screen and saw that the CPU was detecting as an 1100+. Once I managed to get into the BIOS settings and saw that the FSB speed was set correctly there, but it switched off a couple seconds later, so I couldn't check anything else or change anything. Something else to note: when it powers off, the green power light stays on. I have to hold the switch in for a few seconds to get it to turn completely off.

Since I'm running a lot of fans and 3 hard drives, I suspected that I might be overloading the power supply. I unplugged two of the hard drives but saw no change in the problem.

The only thing I can think of is that some setting in my BIOS is screwing things up, but I can't change anything when I have the 3200+ in. Is it possible for me to change these settings while I have the 1900+ in, then switch the CPUs? And if so, does anyone know what setting might be causing this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is driving me nutzo O_o
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  1. Sorry for the double post, but my attempt to edit the above was unsuccessful.

    Here are my specs:

    Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe mobo
    AMD AthlonXP 3200+ 400mhz fsb "Barton" core
    Kingston PC2700 (DDR333) 512mb ram
    nVidia GeForce4 ti4400 128mb
    Creative Audigy Gamer
    Hitachi 80gb 7200rpm 8mb cache SATA hard drive
    Samsung 40gb 7200rpm 8mb cache EIDE hard drive
    IBM 20gb 5400rpm EIDE hard drive
    AOpen 16x DVDROM (slot-load)
  2. Have you try clearing your CMOS?

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  3. I'm posting this using the same mobo you're having problems with. One thing I noticed between your 2 posts: your Athlon 3200+ and Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe are capable of running at 400mhz fsb but your Kingston PC2700 (DDR333) may not be able to OC that high. I know you said you checked the FSB and "it was set correctly" , but you didn't specify if you had everything set to run at 333, or 400 ? Just saying you might want to recheck that after clearing CMOS as suggested earlier. It does sound like a memory problem to me, but I could be wrong. Good luck.

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  4. Renegade has a point about your memory. You're either going to have to run it at a 6/5 FSB/Mem ratio, or attempt to overclock it to DDR400 by raising the voltages and relaxing the timings. Is it Kingston value ram, or Kingston HyperX?

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