Can you recover files after formatting?

can you recover files after a complete format
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  1. Yes, but sorry I have no idea how.
  2. I know this is an older thread, but there were a lot of good suggestions in it:
  3. Dear Billy,
    I am afraid that you are wrong here, there are all window OS, so no matter what system it is in . we absolutely can recovery the files. and there are too many limitations of data recovery software, i prefer data recovery hardware, like hardwares from salvationdata's compass, ACE's data extractor etc....
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    philipokyeregyasi said:
    can you recover files after a complete format

    The answer is yes.
    Format does not erase the data actually.It just marks the head of section where data locals by a kind of symbols telling operating system that this section is new data storable. In this case, we still have a chance to recover all data from formatted hard disk so long as there is no new data stored on after formatting. What we need is just a data recovery tool.

    The first thing you should do is to stop putting any new data on your laptop before recovery to avoid data overwriting.
    Then search data recovery tools on Google, there is various software on the market.
    If these files are really important and valuable for you, I suggest you try professional recovery software ASAP. According to my own experience, recommended one is Wondershare Data Recovery(because I used it and it helped me recover all my lost files and videos with nice quality.) It is a wizard designed software so you just need to follow the guided interfaces with only 3 easy steps.
  5. That's possible. The most effective way to recover your formatted files is to try some format recovery tools. Usually they will help.

    Still won't help? I suppose the only way to recover the files after complete format is by sending your storage device for special data recovery services.
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