Logitech F510 or MS 360 controller for pc

I have been trying to play games like force unleashed series,ninja blade,grid,need for speed series,spiderman shattered dimension,arkham asylum,street fighter IV,dragon age series...u name it...on the PC using a keyboard and mice. I also have some super nintendo and nintendo 64 roms and MAME roms with me aswell

before anyone tells me that i should get a driving wheel for the racing games...i have a logitech driving force gt which i like,but the way my corner desk is set up,it just wont stay attached to the middle of the desk well without losing its (lack of) grip around the edges and falling on my keyboard slide

and i have a HORI real arcade pro 3 stick w/ usb but i bought that to try tekken 6 on the ps3,which i figured im more of a pad user than a stick user

i've been searching online for what is a great controller for the pc. now i've played both 360 and ps3 consoles and had them for well over 2 years. controller layouts don't really matter for me,but quality does. whereas my ps3 sixaxis/ds3 controllers OR the 360 wireless black controllers i've had for the console NEVER died on me...i had a logitech wired rumblepad 2 for the pc. that didn't last like they did.

i wish i didnt sell my 360 but the only controller that was compatible with windows 7 is gone. i've looked online and found this




logitech F510

xbox 360 black wireless w/ play and charge kit

xbox 360 black wired controller for pc

the new logitech seems to gotten new triggers because old one was hard to reach. i do sort of care about the layouts,but i'm not sure which controller is more tuned for fighting/hack and slash games as the logitech is ps3'ish,pc market got choice of ps3 or 360 layout.

i just want lasting quality and compatibility but some options like pressure sensitive buttons/triggers might be good too. anyone here have experience with these controllers?
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  1. I have a logitech F510***see below*** model pc controller i bought about 3-4 months ago. So far everything I use it for it works great on. The comfort and feel of the controller I enjoy generaly moreover the both my ps3 and 360 controllers, with the exception "slightly" with the triggers. There is nothing wrong with them they just dont quite feel like what i'm used to or expect or want in triggers. Outside that everything is great. The programing tools with the controller are pretty good but not as easy and enjoyable to me as my old saitek controller was, R.I.P.,
    Peices me and my floor turned it into after it malfunctioned 1 too many times, but ya.
    All the buttons as well are comfortable , high quality, and I belive are pressure sensitive.( Might be wrong there)
    The D-Pad is great and gives me no problems ever.
    The analogs have little to no play in them at all, and are extremly precise and steady.
    The receiver gives me no problems ever with responses and has yet to give me any distance problems either.
    So my advice is to try one out and if it dont suit you , can always go back to the new rising standard of using a 360 controller.

    ***Ooops Sorry I lied, The model I have is the F710 not the 510. Anyways ya I would recomend that one :D although they look very similar I cannot vouch for the 510***
    Searching Bing "logitech f710 reviews" should clear up an doubts that maybe I didnt.
  2. i hope you know that you can use your ps3 controller with windows 7.

    motioninjoy created a driver set for this. the software is a little clunky at first but once you get it set up it was working fine over usb. i'm not sure if bluetooth works as i never tried pairing it with my mobo.

    i didnt want to buy a new controller to use with the ps2 emulator i found and this fit the bill perfectly. i'm already familiar with the layout of the ps3 controller and as you said they are built fairly well.
  3. Edit: Whoops! I see you're looking at the Logitech F510. The FS310 which I use for reference is laid out exactly the same, just without rumble. Sorry for the confusion.

    **SIZE WARNING!! If you have large hands, you can most likely ignore this**

    **If you have small hands like me, you'll not be able to use the Logitech FS310 For more than 15 minutes at a time without getting terrible cramping in the upper muscles of your left thumb, which will constantly be straining to reach the oddly-placed joystick whilst keeping your left index finger over the L-Trigger.**

    The FS310 is modeled after a PS controller, and not after an XB360 (which, if you hadn't noticed, is ripped off of GCN).
    In other words, the Left Analog and D-pad positions are REVERSED when compared to XB360.

    I just recently returned my Logitech FS310 and bought a Wired XB360 controller instead. That said, the 360 controller isn't without problems either...

    My xb360 controller drifts right out of the box. I literally bought this thing less than an hour ago and the analog stick is already drifting. This is due to the fact that some game software is programmed with a very small deadzone. Logitech managed to give their joysticks very good range and deadzone. Microsoft clearly hired monkeys, because the lack of effort is so blatantly apparent here that it easily borders on insulting.

    For example: To play F-Zero (hovercraft racing game, requires very precise joystick movements), with the Logitech controller, I had to set my game software's deadzone to 3%, or else I'd get these funny errors when changing my control settings (software thinks joystick direction is pressed because it's drifted beyond the deadzone). On the Microsoft controller, I had to set the deadzone to 15%. That's 5x larger deadzone to compensate for 5x the amount of drift compared to a month-old Logitech peripheral. Entirely unacceptable, imo.

    The FS310's "mode" switch can come in handy. Basically it switches your joy/d-pad inputs so that you can use your d-pad as an analog stick with no analog (lol). In other words, it sets your d-pad directionals to Analog direction 100%. Can be useful, but it's really compensating with some sort of problem in the joysticks. I noticed that while the XB360 controller can easily discern between "Tilt" and "Smash" joystick movements in Super Smash Bros. (N64), The FS310 cannot. Instead, you have to use the joystick for tilts, and then quickly press "mode" and switch to your D-pad for smash attacks. Needless to say this is also entirely unacceptable.

    Honestly, I'm about to try something like this:

    Because I trust video game companies a lot more than I trust gigantic, non-specialized companies who are too busy raking in profit to stop and check that there aren't any flies in their soup of various computer products.

    Other things to consider: Might just be my small hands again, but it seems to me that the FS310 sets your index fingers confortably over the topmost trigger buttons, while the analog triggers require a bit of a reach. Again, It's reversed on the XB360; your index fingers rest over the lower analog triggers, and the buttons above are the reach.

    Haven't tried extended SNES session with the XB360 controller yet. I imagine I'd just use the joystick instead of the D-Pad, thus preventing the painful-thumb-position problem from ever presenting itself.

    It's issues like these that make me think I could totally own everyone on WindowsLive in a game of Shadowrun, as long as I stuck to good ol' mouse and keyboard.

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