Help me select Headphones Sennheiser

i want to buy sennheiser headphones under 60$.
i don't know which one to pick ,there are many of them .

here's a link which lists all - (this list has products value in INR
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  1. The HD-201s are very good for the price, but they break quite easily due to the cheap plastic.

    I'd personally recommend to just save money so that you can make a long-time "investment" in proper headphones, such as the HD-598s, then you'll never have any "upgrade fever" as such headphones will last for a long time and they have superb aural quality and solid build.

    I had the HD-201s some five years ago and when they broke I bought HD-595s which I still use. Best thing about high-end headphones is that the cable will most likely never break so that audio only comes from one channel. This happens almost always eventually with cheap headphones.
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