Ssd 32bit or 64 bit os which is better

just got samsung 120 Gb TLC nand ssd. is it better to use 32bit or 64 bit os?
I will be using win7 pro.

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  1. The SSD has nothing to do with it - but always go with the 64 bit OS - it's far better due to how much memory it can use.
  2. I was thinking the same but i wasnt sure if 32 bit os actually wrote less
  3. x64 architecture just has a lot of more of addressing space.

    x86(32-bit) adressing space ends at 4000MB, whereas x64's ends at 192000MB.

    That's why x64 can adress more RAM and has nothing to do with SSD's.

    Only place in storage that x86 and x64 matter is if you use large-capacity ramdisks... Everything over 2GB.
  4. I think that 32 bit vesion will occupy a bit less space on the SSD. I think that is what you are asking.
    With a 120gb SSD, that is a negligible difference.
    If you have 4gb or more, then the 64 bit os will be better.
  5. geofelt, thats exacly what i was getting after. thanks. ps got it installed with win 7 ultimate 64 bit os and it screams, but its on a new toshiba and there arent any drivers for the hardware that work in win 7. So i put win 8 64 bit and its ok , just a lil slower i think
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