Microphone isn't working (only playback sounds play through it)

I'm on Windows 7 using a Sennheiser PC360 headset.

Today my microphone just stopped working (it was working fine yesterday, no settings changes). I have tested the headset on several computers and on different audio jacks and it is all the same issue. When I talk into the microphone, nothing can be heard. But when any sounds from my computer are made (ie : clicking, youtube, itunes, ANY sounds being made from the computer) it can be heard by everyone.

LONG STORY SHORT : My headset is taking the sound I'm hearing (like youtube) and is playing it to people in a skype call/ventrilo. No one can hear my voice.

I feel like this is an issue with crossed wires, but I need some opinions. THANKS! :love:
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  1. I think you have the wrong default recording device selected. Here's how to change that:

    Right click volume control icon in taskbar and select recording devices.
    Select the headset and click on set default.

    Hope this helps. :)
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