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Anyone have this issue? All the answers found by doing an online search are links to pages which no longer exist! My keyboard's typing "ny" instead of "n" and "bt" instead of "b".

Incredibly annoying as this quick note, after all the backspacing, has taken forever to type!

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You could try cleaning the keyboard.
    Sometimes debris gets stuck under the keys causing strange things.

    Possibly the connecting cable is loose.

    In truth, though, I think it might be time to replace the keyboard.
  2. It's on a laptop, there's nothing under the keys, and it's been recorded on other forums if you do a quick search of the web.

    Trouble is, all the links to potential solutions are dead. The oldest date I could find with exactly this issue is 2006. Same combo of extra letters and on multiple makes and models...
  3. Get yourself a USB keyboard and try that. If the USB keyboard gives the same problem you have malware. If not then you're looking at a keyboard problem, possibly a new keyboard.

    EDIT: There are known problems with keyboards, one is called ghosting where if you hit certain key combinations you also get additional keystrokes that have never been hit.
  4. pauls3743 said:
    If the USB keyboard gives the same problem you have malware.

    It's not malware just because it isn't the first thing you think to change. Instead of admitting you don't know the solution you're actually making things worse with misinformation.

    There are system problems that can cause this - bad BIOS, some keyboard combinations will make the top row of letters type as numbers, etc.

    For those like me who occasionally hit this problem (different keyboards, USB ports, even safe booting doesn't fix it), try hitting the key combination F-Lock and um Lock at the same time. Another suggestion was to hold down both Shift keys (not Caps Lock) for a few seconds.

    Since my keyboard just started working again mysteriously, I can't say if they work yet.
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