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Hey guys

Can't figure out where to plug my logitech sub/speakers into the back on my mb. There are 6 holes, all different colors. I tried all of them and can only get sound from my tv (which I'm using as my monitor). Everytime I plug the 3.5 from my sub into one of the 6 audio jacks, the sound properties pops up on my screen asking about stuff like Line in, woofer out but honestly I'm not sure what any of that really means. I've heard that green is the correct jack, but I can't get any of them to work.. any ideas?

i should probably note that when I plug my sub into the front headphone/audio jack on my case (elite 430) the speakers work, but I'm trying to avoid having wires running all over the place on the front of my case so I would like to get it to work by plugging it into the back of the mb.

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    In your Windows sound control panel, you need to set your default sound device to your speaker output instead of your TV. I'm guessing your PC is seeing HDMI audio through your video card, windows defaults to this setting when it detects it. Windows also defaults to your front panel audio, because it assumes you are using headphones when you plug something in there. Green is the correct color to use for 2 speakers.
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  3. got to work, thx. amazing how after building my first system with no hiccups i got stumped by something so easy.

    thanks again.
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