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Whenever i need to use my laptop, i need to hibernate it so it can be fast, i go back to everything i was doing before by turning it back on after it has hibernated, and i notice that everything is faster. After i turn it off or reboot it, it's slow again. I know it's faster by testing it on games or youtube videos, before hibernating, i notice youtube videos are very slow, they freeze a lot, sorta like lag. It's not as simple as just hibernating it then turning it back on to make it faster, the way i do this is by clicking hibernate, while it's hibernating (Not fully turned off yet) i press my power button on my laptop repeatedly.

I noticed that laptops have lights, each light represents something, there's a light with a charger icon, a power icon, and a battery icon kinda at the front bottom part of the laptop that's facing me when I'm using it.. But the light with a cylinder icon, i don't really know what it is, it is turned on while it's attempting to hibernate. This cylinder icon light turns off like 10 seconds after i repeatedly press the power button (Not hold) i just press it a lot. When the light with the cylinder icon turns off... (At this point the laptop is still attempting to hibernate) when this light with the cylinder icon turns off, the laptop immediately turns back on while it's still in the process of going into hibernation mode, not fully hibernated yet, just about to go into hibernation.

After it is on, everything is fast, games are fast, everything is. I noticed this the first day i got this laptop, so it can't be something that i did to it. Every time i need to use it, i do this... I don't know if it's going to damage the laptop. I also have no sound after all this happens. The weird thing is, if i hook speakers up to the laptop, i can hear sound from the speakers, just not the default speakers from the laptop. I can also hear sound if i use headphones.

My question here is... What is this problem here? My computer somehow is faster after i do everything i explained above, but how can i keep it that fast without having do all of what i said above all the time?

And has anyone ever heard of such a problem? This is very weird, i just hope someone can show me how to fix it, thanks if you actually read all of this.
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  1. Hey, I just experienced the same with you, that my laptop becomes alot faster after about 4 or 5 times series of hibernation.
    My laptop is the old acer aspire 4530 with proc. AMD Turion X2, Win 7 32-bit, Nvidia GeForce 9100mG, and 3GBs of RAM.
    This happened yesterday. Yesterday I never turned my laptop off during all day. I just hibernate it once after 2 or 3 hours. This action repeated about 5 times, then at night when I played game in my laptop it just became alot faster.

    Have you got the reason for this to be happening?
    I couldn't find discussed topic about our problem (or shall we call it luckiness) at any other website/forum.
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