HELP selling home built PC piece by piece on eBay

Ok, here are all of my components:

-Chieftec Server Chasis case (silver) with 400w Power Supply
-ATI RADEON 9500 128 MB video card (L-shaped memory)
-Pentium 4 2.4 GHz 800 MHz FSB w/ Hyper Threading
-Abit IS7 motherboard
-Crucial 512 MB RAM PC3200
-Panasonic 1.44 MB floppy drive
-Sony black CDRW 52X24X52
-Maxtor 120 GB HD
-Samsung 152t flat panel LCD
-Logitech Z-3 speakers
-Microsoft Optical Desktop (mouse and keyboard)

and now the questions:

1. I've seen people sell the processor and motherboard together as package on eBay. Should I do this? If I do, should I just leave the processor connected to the motherboard when I ship it to the buyer?

2. As far as selling the harddrive, how should I go about wiping it totally clean?

3. Any advice?
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  1. Hello there,

    -Yes definaiatly sell the motherboard with the CPU fitted before hand, me and my friend James build and sell PCs, we always buy the CPU, Motherboard and RAM in a bundle, that way they are all pretty much gauranteed it to work, where as if you buy these parts seperatly, there is always the chance it wont be compatible.

    -Its actually very hard to phisically erase all the data of a Hard drive, it may just appear to of gone to us. a few years back some guys PC broke, he used this PC to view child porn, he took his PC to a computer repair store, who then saw this data at the back of the memory, and reported it to the police, the guys now doing something like 10 years in jail.

    But if its just had word documents, pictures, etc, Then youll have no problem, feel free to email us at our joint account, Thanks

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