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Just played the demo. Who knew slow motion could make an average game worth playing. My question (before I go get the full version)is after the buzz of the slow motion(don't know what they call it) wears off is it still worth owning. Better weapons that I'm not seeing maybe?

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  1. I think the game is great. I doubt you've even figured out all the cool ways to use slow motion. Try slowing time while jumping, falling, diving, etc.

    There are weapons ranging from the uzi, grenade launcher, sniper rifle, flak cannon, and more.

    It's fun. I just passed the game the other day for the second time, but I think I've had enough now.

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  2. Do you think they're going to make mods or expansion packs for it?

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  3. Yeah, I've experimented with the different slow motion jumps. I like diving backwards down steps and all. I'm not saying its a bad game, I just have the feeling it would kinda stink after awhile if it didn't have the slow motion. Hmmm, more weapons. That's what I was hoping.

    Tried out RTCW yesterday also. Kinda disapointing after playing Medal of Honor and the zombie thing is just goofy.

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  4. I just tried the mohaa demo and want to get that game now.

    There are more weapons in max payne than I listed including grenades, molotah cocktail, colt commando, and dual ingrams.

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  5. I have no idea. The idea is great, but I wish you could implement this multiplayer since I'm not a big fan of single player games anymore.

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  6. I haven't played mohaa multiplayer yet but I have a feeling the urban areas, like the sniper section of the game, will be good for it. I'm ready for a change of pace from the UT style of run around and shoot kinda of multiplayer. I want a little strategy.

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  7. i finished that game about a month ago....lots o fun at first but it gets a little repetitive. however, the colt commando ( u get it late in the game) is AWESOME gotta love slow motion seeing guys shredded :) now that it is cheaper, id say its worth the buy
  8. Maxpayne is a great game, if it was somewhat slow and left you wanting more. I would get the game because you can play it in diffrent difficulties and there are tons of mods online like 1st person mod. Plus at the end of Maxpayne they hinted that there might be a maxpayne 2 coming out.
    Trust me the game is one of the best ive played lately, but i havend player MHAA yet.
  9. where can i get the max payne mods? especially the first person one....

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  10. is a great all around site for Max Payne info.
  11. I'd definatly recommend max payne. I liked it much more than rtcw AND mohaa. dont even bother playing mohaa online... just go download day of defeat (assuming you have half-life... and who doesn't?)
  12. Yeah I started playing Day of Defeat last week and this week I tried multiplayer on mohaa. Day of Defeat is pretty slick and I thought mohaa stank to high heaven(pretty sad considering the single player of mohaa was so good).

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