Help with setting up a file server to host MS Access Database

Good morning,

I recently bought a dell R310 server so that we can run a Microsoft Access Database on there. At the moment the sales team have to go to a single computer on a desk in the corner of the office to add new orders, clients etc to our access database.

The server will host the access database and all the sales staff will be able to update the database (adding customers etc) from their own workstation via access.

I'm pretty new to configuring servers, I've done an awful lot of googling to try and figure this out myself but this has to be done for Monday and I'm not in the office for weekend so I thought it was time to ask!

I've plugged all the server in etc, i've done the initial startup configuration of windows server so the server is activated but now I'm at a standstill with regards to actually being able to share a folder/file on the server.

Although we have windows server installed on there MS access just connects to the database which is simply a file (obviously) so I imagine windows server would have nothing to do with it apart from it being the UI for me to do things on the server would it?

I personally imagined it would be as simple as putting the DB on the server, sharing it and then simply configuring MS access to connect to the shared database.

I would be very grateful if somebody could help me out with this, if I'm honest I need help from start to finish (excluding the initial configuration of windows server of course).

Thank you
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  1. Do what you're thinking. The problem is that with the database only one person would be able to connect to it at a time for modifications. Otherwise they may only receive a read-only copy.

    Basically, you would share the database out and each person would access it from their computer. They would probably need Access or another application to input data into the database, or really it depends on how the database was setup.
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