"CLIP" connectors for speaker to reciever?

What are the "green, blue, green, gray, etc" connectors called that plug into my panasonic reciever? I need to buy just the "clips" alone. Where can I buy these and what are they called. Any thing i could use as a replacement?
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  1. if you mean the clips that are put on the end of the two leads from each speaker to plug them into a receiver then the term you are looking for is bananna clip. best buy carries them, i'm sure you can find them just about anywhere.

    to install them you just peel the two cables of speaker wire apart, strip the ends and install the two plugs, one on each wire.

    not sure what you are meaning by the colors. i dont think mine was color coded in that way. perhaps some clarification or posting your model number and a description of where on the back you are trying to connect is in order.
  2. Panasonic calls them Speaker Connectors.

    They do have a parts ordering website, which frankly sucks.


    The only other way to directly purchase them is by contacting their National Parts Center at 800-833-9626. It is open between the hours of 9am and 7:30pm EST Monday through Friday. Have your model number on hand when you call them.

    There is not any real good way of securing the wires without the clips. I guess you could probably solder them on, but that should probably be a last resort.
  3. Thanks fellas, I went ahead and just some normal crimping connectors...luckily they fit with minor modification. I couldnt sell my reciever to the pawn shop with out factory speaker wire.....luckily for me i was able to "Hide" that part from the pawn shop....ended up with 80 bucks......i have a new theater system and had to get rid of the extra one just layin around
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