Xbox360 thru hdmi on monitor looking much worse than on hdtv, same res

I've recently connected my xbox 360 to my monitor from HDMI to HDMI. While setting the 360 to 1080p and even trying the lower 720p res, it always has noticeable jagged edges with horrible aliasing which is pretty much what the 360 really shows due to its outdated hardware, however on HDTV at the same resolution of 1920x1080 it looks much sharper and the jagged edges aren't noticeable at all compared to it being viewed on the PC.

While I've been searching around for solutions I've noticed that this is quite common as monitors seem to have a problem with upscaling the video or something like that. Is there a way to make the monitor have the same effect?
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  1. I don't see how you can say the HDTV looks sharper. I would expect it be softer to make the jagged edges less obvious, though maybe allowing more color bleeding or cross-talk between adjacent pixels isn't the same as less sharpness (I'm realizing now I don't understand the differences between those all that well). You might try adjusting the sharpness and saturation (try both up and down) if your monitor offers them.
  2. Well actually, it looks blurry and I meant sharpness in relation to that, while being jaggy at the same time on the monitor, while all of this somehow is magically covered up on the HDTV. I do have the option of saturation and sharpness on the monitor, so I will give it a try, hopefully it's not an upscaling issue.
  3. Upscaling? You mean you have a 2560x1440 or 2560x1600 monitor? I haven't noticed aliasing with my X360 connected to my Gateway XHD3000, which is 2560x1600, but that could be a combination of using component cables (not HDMI) and sitting further from the monitor when playing console games than I sit when using my computer.
  4. it could have something to do with either your televisions display settings or the fact that the tv is much larger than a monitor.

    i know my sony lcdtv has many display options including sharpness and image upscaling. perhaps you have a combination set that reduces the appearance of said jaggies. monitors may have a sharpness setting but i'm not sure if they do image upscaling.

    or the difference might be that objects on your hdtv will appear larger and more blurry than on your monitor. you might be experiencing a sort of visual AA effect due to the larger pixel sizes and blurryness. condensing the pixels down into a standard sized monitor results in an overall sharper image which may be why you are noticing the jaggies more often.

    i would look for any settings on your monitor which might help. other than that, not sure what else you could do. you're right that the xbox AA is most likely limited by the older hardware.

    if you want to get critical, i notice jaggies on my 40" lcd with my ps3 playing 720p & 1080p games (even when set to upconvert). i'm sure if i hooked it up to my old 20.1" monitor i'd see alot more due to the sharper picture.
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