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Hello everyone
Now, i know this is sorta controversial, as there are so many amazing reviews out there of a total bullshit pads/stands for laptop.

First i bought Enermax Aeolus, returned it that same day, couldent even feel the air move.
Then i got Tacens fero, worked definitly much better, but just 2 C diffrence, so returned it again.

I started looking forums, reviews and none of them really say much. I wanted a cooling stand for a 15.4" laptop, best if would be that size so i could fit it in the laptop travel bag, but if not np.
Also about the "intake" grills on the back of the laptop, 1 is on top-right (intake for cooling fan), once in the center, and the all lower part is a grill.

I wanted to get something like this:

tell me waht can be good.
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  1. You'll basically get the same results with whatever cooler you go with, i.e. maybe 2-4 degree difference. Laptops coolers aren't going to give you drastic declines due to the limited space inside that is packed with hot electronics. Your best bet is to just use the laptop on a solid flat surface like a table or book.
  2. i was afraid that would be the answer 8(
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