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Hey guys,

I am building some solar powered speakers for my home outside of course :)! But I have run into a problem. My solar panels are rated at 1.5W each(2) and 24V peak. If I need 12V, would it be cheaper to buy an converter, or should I just return the solar panels and get 12V ones. Also in my schematic, I have the panels wired together, would this increase the voltage to 24V (since 12v + 12v), or would it stay at 12V?

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  1. You could put a 12v regulator in the line, but... that is massive waste of a 24v panel. Yes, wiring panels together in series will increase your voltage. Either way, you need to put a regulator and fuse in line to prevent overpowering your components on an exceptionally sunny day. Don't forget your diode to prevent power from nuking your solar panels.

    I built something similar to this last summer, it's great fun! I wish i could find the original instructions i used, but this is pretty close.
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