Is this computer good?

I want to buy a comp and was wondering if this is good?

Case ( Nzxt Guardian ATX Mid-Tower Case w/420W Power Supply Black )
Power Supply ( Standard Case Power Supply )
Processor ( AMD® Athlon XP 3200+ QuantiSpeed CPU [512K L2 Cache] )
Processor Cooling ( Certified CPU Fan and Heatsink )
Motherboard ( Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe w/LAN, 5.1 Sound, IEEE-1394, USB 2.0 8x AGP Motherboard )
Memory ( 1024 MB Dual Channel [512MB X2] DDR-400 PC3200 Memory Module Major Brand )
Video Card ( ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB W/DVI + TV OUT 8x AGP Video )
Hard Drive ( 80 GB HARD DRIVE 80 GB 7200 RPM Ultra ATA-100 Hard Drive )
2nd Hard Drive ( None )
Raid Controller ( None )
Raid Configuration ( None )
CD/DVD Drive ( None )
CD-RW/DVD-RW Drive ( 52x24x52 CD-RW Drive Black )
Sound Card ( Creative Lab Sound Blaster Live Value 5.1 )
Speaker System ( <font color=black> Logitech Z-640 5.1 Surround Speakers + Subwoofer )
Fax Modem ( None )
Network Card ( 10/100 Network Onboard )
Floppy Drive ( None )
Zip Drive ( None )
Monitor ( CRT Monitor ViewSonic 19" E90FB Perfect Flat .21H DPI Color Monitor <font color=black> )
Keyboard ( Combo: Logitech Cordless MX DUO [MX700 Mouse + Elite Keyboard] Silver/Black )
Mouse ( None )
Meter Display ( None )
Flash Media Reader/Writer ( None )
Additional Software ( Norton 2004 Anti-Virus )
Case Lighting ( Sound Actived Cold Cathode Neon Light Red )
Case Round Cable ( None )
IEEE-1394 Fire Wire Card ( None )
TV Tuner ( None )
Video Camera ( None )
Scanner ( None )
Headset ( None )
Printer ( None )
Printer Cable ( None )
Operation System ( MS Windows XP Home Edition )
Warranty ( Warranty Service Standard 3-Year Limited Warranty )
Rush Service ( Rush Service Fee (not shipping fee) [RUSH !!!], Ship Out in Next Business Day )
Sub Total: $1,517.00
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  1. Well, that certainly wouldn't be a bad system at all (I just rebuilt my girlfriends pc with the same Asus mobo).

    Looking at some of the hardware they're quoting you on, aside from the case and CPU, virtually everything on the list is at least 1 year old or more ( Creative Lab Sound Blaster Live Value 5.1 ... I bought one of those in 2001 !!!).

    Don't get me wrong, the rig as quoted would probably give you good (but not spectacular) performance for your hard earned money. But, I think with $1500 and a little research on the net here, you could hand pick components that will give you more bang for the buck instead of lining someones pockets for older hardware.

    Just my 2 cents. Lets see what everybody else thinks. Good Luck.

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  2. yea the only things in worried about really is if its good for gaming, like the proc. , graphics card, and stuff like that, not too much about the speakers. also im going to get the amd athlon 64 3200 proc not the one thats listed here.
  3. A64 won't fit A7N8X (any version), I recommend the MSI K8N Neo

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  4. Of course Crash is right. No Athlon64 in that Asus board. Also, that will add at least $150 (conservatively) to your total cost.

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  5. > Also, that will add at least $150 (conservatively) to your
    >total cost.

    Not really. An A64 3000+ is $206 and definately faster than a XP 3200+ which is ~$30 cheaper. Even the A64 2800+ is a better performer especially for games, and its cheaper than the XP 3200+. No brainer really.

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