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Trying to dual boot win7 and XP but doesn't seem to work. I have been using easyBCD and I think the problem is the drives change depending on OS. xp has windows with c and win7 has it on c as well where as they are different drives. Any ideas or any way I can change my boot drive letter? computer management doesn't let change boot partitions drive letters.
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  1. What order did you install them in? The best way to do it is to install XP first and 7 second. This way the boot menu is correct from the beginning and you don't need to change anything with EasyBCD.
  2. I agree here, I have XP 64bit and win 7 64bit installed. It seems that when you install win 7, even though it's on your secondary hard drive win 7 automatically makes the drive it's running from the primary. I've played around with my sata connections just to be sure and it always defaults to that drive, unless I select XP at boot and then it swaps again. Nice little feature, but takes the control out of your hands if you want to keep it at the same drive letter.
  3. First install XP then Windows 7.

    If you do the opposite then it won't see Windows 7 and XP will load every time.

    Sources: Self experience :)
  4. I use EasyBCD myself.

    Can you explain where the installs are (drive and partition)?

    Install Windows XP
    Install Windows 7

    or #2
    Install Windows 7
    Later install Windows XP
    Repair Windows 7 boot with Windows 7 disk
    Repair Windows XP boot with EasyBCD

    and #3
    Add Fedora Linux to the above mix :)
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