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Everyone knows the difference between AMD and Intel(AMD is faster lol) but how do u compare a Mac processor to pc and what makes a mac processor any different cycle-wise, anyone know???
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  1. I'm not sure Mac uses the x86 architecture.
    AMD and Intel use it.
  2. Mac's are a joke.

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  3. MAC processor use PowerPC CPU. These use a completly different instruction set, they are not compatible with x86 Intel/AMD instructions.

    Performance of PowerPC CPU are very impressive, these chips are running at low speed but are very efficient. You can't compare MAC vs PC. MAC are very good for multimedia stuff because Apple applications in this domain are very mature and stable.

    There is not MAC vs PC. You can't compare mass market products with more specialized products. Both MAC and PC are good and excel in their respective markets.

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  4. Compare? Simple. Take Photoshop on a Mac, take Photoshop on a PC, run the same filter. See which is faster. Of course you'll use other applications as well (whichever matters to you). If the software you want is only available for Windows or MacOS (like Final Cut or 90% of the games out there), then really, it's not even a choice anymore now is it?

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  5. they have different architectures.
    they designed for different domains.
    you can make them run same program and see the performance of them,then you'll get the answer.
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  6. well actually, ibm will be introducing power pc chips to the pc market soon, even allowing them to be bought by system builders. ill be interested to see one and try it out.
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