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I recently bought a 2nd wireless keyboard and mouse from logitech at wallmart(model No. unknown) for around 40$ Nothing special but didnt need much. After bringing it home I found on any of my pc's the model had next to nothing on reception. Was having to sit close enough to use standard keyboard to get it to work. I would acount this to maybe its just a crap part, but given the fact that i own an exact replical set , bought late 09, that works great on all pc's that cant be just the case. So i'm willing to write off that chances are that some of the sets sold are good some fail. However i'm not willing to play russian rullete buying without knowing they will work to my standards. Thats why i have decided to ask the community on some highly rated wireless keyboards/mice sets that users know to be high quality with high reliabilitly. Price is not really an issue but if i just wanted to throw money away i would buy somethign like a rf-240 professional class long distance encrypted keyboard, but got a feeling i dont really need all that to sit 10-20 ft away playing games or bsing on the web. Anyways ya all you pros, throw me some ideas and some qualitly models you know of so i can finaly stop using same wireless set for all my pcs
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    the model name/number would be on the outside of the retail display box.

    i've always had great luck with logitech myself. my old keyboard that came with the mx1000 keyboard had a range of over 50 feet through walls.

    a relative recently got one in the $60-100 range and it seems to work fine at greater than wired keyboard distances. never checked the maximum range on that one though.

    if you own an exact copy, not just one that looks similar then perhaps there is something wrong with the keyboard. if its a replica try the old keyboard in the same ports to see if it works. if it does then i'd just return the bad one and try again. if you get another sucker then i'd get a different model. hard to say its hit or miss when you only got one bad one.

    i think i spent about $200 on my original mouse and keyboard set. it was one of the first laser mice made by logitech. not sure if it was bluetooth or wireless.. maybe that has something to do with the range. looks like the current gen mx series set (bluetooth) is only around $130 or so.
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