If you could only pick one pair of speakers for the next 10 years

what would it be?

1. Polk Lsi9

2. Paradigm SE 3

3. energy RC-70

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  1. I have considered Magnepans before but I read somewhere Magnepans are no good for Metal, so I passed em up since Metal comprises 50% of my Listening.
  2. The Paradigms are excellent but due to the size might not have the bass you want. The Paradigm Monitor 11 will have more volume capability and bass but not quite as refined as the SE-3. Check out the Revel F12 as well. Bigger cabinet with 2 8" woofers. Price is about the same as the Paradigms SE-3.
  3. None of those are going to have huge bass, for that you will need a subwoofer. If I had to choose between those, I might go for the Paradigms. For your tastes, you might also check out the Klipsch RF-82 towers or RB-81 bookshelf speakers. If those are too bright sounding and you don't need that much output, check out the Ascend Seirra 1s, they are in the same price bracket:
    -very nice and very well-engineered speakers!

    My advice is if you have a large room, with lots of space between the speakers and listening position, go Klipsch. If you will be closer to your speakers, like less than seven feet, get the Ascend speakers.

    You might also look at the CHT Pro-10, which will be like the Klipsch speakers but even more-so:
    or their SHO-10 speakers:

    SVS, well-known for their subwoofers, are clearancing out their high-end speakers, you might take a look at some of those:
    The only problem is they will want a lot of power to get loud. I wouldn't hook anything less than a 200 watt amp to those, whereas I could hook a 20 watt amp to the Pro-10, SHO-10, or Klipsch speakers and they will be absolutely blazing. Still they would be very nice speakers, they are well-built and will last a long time.
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