Cpu & Ram overclocking ratio

Hi Guy's

I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to overclocking and i just need to check

Am i right in thinking that because my ram (patriot ddr800 low latent) runs at 800mhz fsb
that i can overclock my intel duo e6850 3ghz (333x9) upto 400mhz on the fsb without causing any issues with my ram or needing to mess with the voltage's.

And would i be best to keep the ration 1:1 i.e if i can only overclock my cpu to say 380x9 then should i underclock my ram to 760mhz as opposed to 800 to keep uneven ratio.

Any help is appreciated :D

My system spec is at follows
Intel duo e6850 3gz 333x9
Evge 680i sli motherboard
3gig Patriot extreme low latency 4-4-4-12 ddr2 800
Sapphire HD 5830 extreme
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  1. Start your OC by setting the RAM multiplier to its LOWEST setting. Proceed with the CPU overclocking until you reach desired stable results. At this setting, if the RAM is slightly underclocked, it is ok. Keep a careful eye on the temps and do not exceed the manufacturer's voltage limits on the CPU as well as on the RAM.
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