Headphones and Speakers at the same time, not working?


So I have set up my new computer, and I have always had Speakers and Headphones plugged in at the same time (playing music in speakers and Skype etc. in Headphones).

And now when I try to connect them both I get music in both speakers and headphones, I have had the option to choose Default for communication for my headphones and speakers on the other option.

But when I plug them both in they are both shown as Speaker (had 2 differend devices before, now only 1) in Control Panel > Sound

May be an confusing explaination, but please ask questions!
Want to fix this badly!
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  1. What kind of a setup do you have (OS, components, most importantly sound card)? How do you have the speakers and headphones connected?
  2. Please tell about your computer and more importantly the audio manager you are using weather it is Realtek HD Audio or anything else
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