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Hello, I had just built my new computer and i'm having troubles booting up windows.
I used a hard drive from my old computer that had windows pre-installed thinking that it would just boot that. I started my computer and i saw the mobo splash screen and then windows splash screen with the 4 dots that glow. it froze on that screen and restarted my computer and then it happened again and again. I put the hard drive back in my old computer and it loaded normally and everything was fine, so i was wondering how to fix it so it will load in my new computer.
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  1. the reason why is because of new hardware, your installation has drivers installed for the old motherboard and old mobo hardware, I.E. processors, north and south bridges. You need a fresh install of your OS with the current drivers found on your new motherboards manufacturers product page, you will see a download tab or driver tab to click on and download the latest versions. Re-install your OS, install your new drivers you downloaded and enjoy. You can also just use the driver disk that came with your new mobo, but I suggest getting the latest ones manually, as there up to date.
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