TOSHIBA laptop P775 Still freezes on Windows after recover! WAAAHHHH!!!

After accessing the secret petition by holding 0 while starting the laptop I took all steps to restore out of box factory settings but.... When it finishes and STARTS to start windows, it freezes at the starting windows screen. I called Toshiba for tech support (not very helpful) and they said to just wait because it takes a number of hours to boot after restore.

Ok... I wait... and wait... and wait (for almost a full twentyfour hours to be more accurate and guess what?

NADA!!! ZILCHZilch! Nothing! Still stuck at Windows starting screen.

I am at my wits end and any help to resolve this will be considered my saving grace.
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  1. did you run check disk for errors on the hard drive? maybe bad sectors?
  2. Yeah, hit F8, when starting up (just keep hitting F8, until you see a choices screen).
    Choose safe mode with command prompt.
    See if it will let you logonto Windows, then.
    Then try to run chkdsk. Ask us how, if you need to get the directions.
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