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OK, I'm trying to get my Pinbot going correctly, but I think that
someone wired one or maybe more of the 3 relay boards, p/n C11232-1,
incorrectly, and I need some help. These are the A/C solenoid select
relays for the multiplexing of the flashlamp/solenoid dual device
usage. The manual has very little info about them, and I can't even
find them on the schematics. But there are three, and I will address
them in order as if the playfield were tilted all the way up and
leaning against the BG. The "top" one is apparently the visor motor
select relay. Each of the boards has the relay, a diode, and the five
wire solder points labeled Ground, 28V, Drive, NC, and Coil. I know
that they have had some rewiring as the solder connections are poorly
redone, and some of them don't make sense. When I do the coil test I
get a lot of lamps flashing but none of the coils operating, leading me
to think the select isn't selecting A, only C. The top one is wired as
such: grd=blk/wht, goes into harness. 28V has 2 red also going into
harness. DRV is brn/grn. NC-this one I'm pretty sure is wrong-is one
yellow going to the nearest PF #44 lamp socket. This is causing that
#44 to flash way too brightly during the coil test. Coil is wired to a
1A SB in a fuse holder that then goes to a connector then to the visor
The next board is the one that seems the most wrong. When I first
looked at it, two red wires were coming into 28V and one of them had a
long end which had been jumped to the Grd terminal. I thought, instant
short circuit. So I cut that loose and resoldered the reds to 28V. The
DRV=brn/blue. The NC goes to a 2.5A SB in a fuseholder and then out to
a hole coming up under the ramp-I assume the flashers up top. Coil also
goes to another hole next to this one, but it has two orange wires.
Since I now had no Grd, I jumped a wire to the grd of the bottom board.
The bottom relay board looks to be unmolested, but one oddity-no wire
to coil, and the solderr point looks new, as if it never had one. The
NC has two wires, a yellow and a purple, that come from the harness.
The DRV is brn/yel. The 28V has 2 red-one from the harness, another
jumped to the 28V of the middle board. The Grd also has two wires, also
yellow and purple. This board doesn't look like it had been resoldered
a bunch, but the wires don't really make sense on it either. If anyone
can look at theirs and give me some tips or if they know it well enough
anyway, I would appreciate any help. Again, in coil test I get none of
the controlled solenoids operating, and the one #44 that is wired to it
wrong flashes like mad during each test until it gets to the CPU
solenoids when the slingshots, bumpers, etc, all seem to operate
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    A/C Relay is in the backbox, the relays under the playfield are
    switched to allow the 28v circuits (motor and 1251 flashers) to
    operate. Don't have Pinbot setup yet to tell you what's up, but
    hopefully this little bit of info will help a little.
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    OK, I understand-these are to convert the voltages for operating
    everything with one voltage. I recall Clay saying that the CPU has to
    handle both 28V and 50V and that it was a bad design that they later
    rectified with the additional board. So why are none of my A/C selected
    solenoids working?
  3. the middle relay board with the red wire going to the gnd & 28v is wired correct. i found by connecting a gnd wire to gnd stopped most of the coils working.
    the way the other relay boards are wired are correct also
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