HELP..monitor for pc/ps3 gaming and HD movies

buying a monitor for the first time in over 10 years...

from the little research ive done, it seems i should get an LED monitor

im looking for a 24" monitor

Dont know much about IPS and other technologies, also what brands do you recommend--NEC, BENQ seem high class

any input would be great, as i have already assembled my first ever build and just need a monitor
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    just dont get confused in thinking that the monitor is made of leds. led only refers to the backlighting. normal monitors still use ccfl. unless you get an expensive monitor there is a decent chance that the screen will be tinged blue from the leds, you might have to try and adjust this out if you go with led backlighting. there really is no gain in going with them so sticking with ccfl isn't a bad idea either.

    if you plan on watching alot of movies and playing alot of ps3 games then 1920x1080 resolution is what you want. for pc gaming sometimes people like 1920x1200 for the pc but you're more likely to see black bars when playing the other two. overall x1080 is your best choice.

    panel type depends on your budget and what quality you expect from a monitor. tn panels tend to have really horrible viewing angles that go grey even at a few degrees off center. tn panels also have worse gradients. va and e-ips are improvements but the best in terms of viewing angles, accurate colors and gradients are ips.

    as for response times on monitors.. tn panels are the fastest. that said, even with the slower response times on ips panels (i know of a new one with 14ms) there shouldnt be any ghosting. lcd technology has improved quite alot over the years and even the cheap ones i've seen haven't ghosted one bit.

    i can't really recommend brands since all i use is viewsonic. i've been so happy with their higher end ips panel products that they are always my first choice. the only monitors out there which i find tempting are the large format displays from dell, however, i've heard that some dell monitors have a backlight-bleed issue.

    if you want the best visual quality go with dvi on your monitor and a dvi output on your video card. hdmi on a monitor will work as well but sometimes you have to mess around with settings to get it to display properly (at least from the posts i've seen on here).
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