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1 Cpu Vs 2 Cpu's

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May 7, 2004 11:05:23 AM

Hi Everyone,

I have a dual cpu gigabyte motherboard with built in raid and onboard lan. When i bought this board i bought it with 2 x 1000Mhz Amd Athlon Mp cpu's. Now i am planing to upgrade my system and i would like to know if 2 cpu's are better than 1 cpu for gaming !!
I am planing on buying 2 x 2800 Mp cpu's. i have windows xp installed. So do games use both cpu's ? or it's just a waste of money ?

Thank you,


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May 7, 2004 11:20:52 AM

What O/S you running?

/me thinks its going to be some version of windows if your gaming.

The only applications that will USE two cpus are the ones designed for two cpus, which ttbh isn't very many. I doubt it will effect tyour gaming in a positive way. but hten again i might be talking [-peep-] :( .

I would say wtf are you doing with a duel 1ghz machine, especially for gaming ?

Someone else should back me up!

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May 7, 2004 12:33:21 PM

For gaming, dual CPU is useless. In fact for most apps. dual processor is useless. Why did you bought a DUAL-CPU system? Do you use apps. that supports/benefit from dual processor?

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May 7, 2004 12:57:34 PM

I am using Windows XP Prof Sp1.
here is the full specs of my pc.
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW-P
CPU: 2 x 1000Mhz Amd Athlon Mp
Memory: 4 x 512Mb Micron 266Mhz Cl2
Hdd: 1 x 120Gb Seagate Ata 7200Rpm
3 x 80 Gb Maxtor Ata 133 7200 Rpm
Vga: ATI Radeon 8500 64Mb
Pioneer DVD
Onboard Intel Lan
Onboard Sound card

Now what i am planing on chaning is:
The CPU's i want to replace them with 2 x 2800 Amd Athlon mp
Vga i want to replace with the new ATI X800 XT
And install a Sound Blaster Audigy 2.

So what i need to know is that if it's better to change to an AMD 64 or if having 2 x 2800 cpu's Is ok ? Most Important is for the coming DOOM3. I think i heard that Quake 3 uses 2 cpus. Witch means that Doom3 should be able to use 2 cpu's !
So if someone can tell me what to do !

May 7, 2004 1:39:42 PM

well about 1 year ago i got the Motherboard with both cpu's for 200 $ !!!
So it was really cheap !
Not to forget that the board has got Onboard Raid, Lan and Sound !
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May 7, 2004 11:47:38 PM

About a year ago I got a P4 2.4B, motherboard, and 512MB of PC1066 for $150, so about your deal being really cheap, only if you needed dual CPU's.

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May 8, 2004 1:46:33 AM

You can use one cpu to do all the windows stuff and get a cpu totally dedicated to a game...

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May 9, 2004 3:35:08 PM

Don't knock it unless you've tried it.

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May 9, 2004 9:51:18 PM

Precious few games benefit from SMP. Quake3 is the only one I know that supports it to some extent, but the "speedup" is on the order or magnitude of 10% if you get it to work. IOW, definately not worth it. If gaming is your thing, get a faster single cpu, you'll be off much better. For the price of two 2800+ MP's, you can buy a very nice A64 rig which will be cheaper, cooler, and much faster for games (and most other things as well btw).

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May 10, 2004 11:29:39 AM

Never expect a 100% speedup from 1 to 2 CPU's, and don't expect any speedup if the programme is not made for 2 CPU's. My advice is: reach for the future and get that A64, or even wait for S939, wich will provide better upgradeability then the S754(up to 3700+) or the S940 for A64FX. Both these CPU's aresupported in 939 variant.

If your current system is not running extremly slow, wait 'till PCI-E and the video card will be more upgradeable.
May 10, 2004 11:48:48 AM

Ok lets put it this way!! Over 7 years ago we were stuffing DUAL cpu's into motherboards to play a game called Battlezone. By today's standards that game is like an ATARI game visually but the game play 1 on 1 or in Mortal combat or in the strategy version was and still is above par by any game standards, graphics aside.

Players back then used dual CPU systems to enhance computer resources and therefore enhance their game play. Most CPU's run at 100% when a game is running and any secondary CPU will certainly draw workload off the primary CPU. The CPU's in a DUAL channel motherboard are seen as 1 CPU by the hardware and motherboard resource drivers.

In short if you had a dual 2.0 GHz Intel set-up I cant see that hurting you at all for games. If you ran a dual AMD set-up in the XP line up to the 3200+ CPU's your going to get some real bang out of the BOX!!

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